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SJB Millinery

Photo Gallery

The Minnie Collection (2016) The Minnie Collection (2016) Minnie (SOLD) -- $300 Black and white polka dotted cotton over buckram with goose biot feather balls and velvet trim. Ties to the head with elastic and white grosgrain ribbon. 199598527 Macy (SOLD) -- $175 Black net with black grosgrain ribbon, black bells and a black feather flower in the back. 199598528 Mallory (SOLD) -- $200 Black and green rooster feathers over a black buckram base with marabou feathers on top. Held to the head with an elastic cord. 199598529 Mindy (SOLD) -- $250 Blue sinamay oval pillbox with lilac straw visor and blue squared netting. Finished with lilac goose biot ball and sprigs. 199598530 Millicent $350 Black silk top hat with red veiling, red and ivory soutache trip and ivory curled goose feathers. Attaches to the head with a red elastic cord. 199598531 Miranda (SOLD) -- $300 Ivory straw fascinator with black lace and black ostridge feathers. Attaches to head with a black lace covered headband. 199598532 Meribel (SOLD) -- $175 White rose lace with white satin ribbon and a white feather flower in front. 199598533 Mary (SOLD) -- $175 Large blue peony with light blue triangular ostridge feather sprigs and blue curly feather spines. Attaches to head with black headband. 200148800